Best wishes from our Mary's Brigadeiro family

This Holiday season was extra special to us and as an entrepreneur I could not be more grateful to see the impact that our chocolate creations have caused in other lives during this crazy year.
When you dream about your own business, there is always a big purpose behind it and with time, you create other purposes and maybe different and more meaningful directions, bigger and bigger, but this year I saw my business touching other lives in a way that I couldn't imagine. When the pandemic came, the only answer we had was: "...everything will just be alright! Keep going!" and suddenly, we saw people from around the country (and even from other countries) allowing us to be part of their lives and delivering a message of hope to their beloved ones through our chocolate creations.
We saw our chocolates being sent to people who were alone at home for months and something extra to brighten their days, people celebrated their birthdays virtually and distributed our chocolates to their friends and family so they could celebrate together virtually, we saw a person who celebrated their 5th year cancer free and her favourite treat was our chocolates, parents sending chocolates to their grown kids with a message of hope, and yes... so many stories embraced us!
This year taught us how resilient we are and how strong we can be after all of this and with your support we were able to also support non-profit organizations in the city like Black Women in Motion, we were able to have our team work together safely and even hire more people to join our Mary's Brigadeiro family, you supported Gabi, Vic, Lauren, Luana, Kate, Jason, Mari and other small business that we partnered with to dream bigger together.
Mary's Brigadeiro is more than a chocolate shop, it is the place from where we send hope, happiness, moments of joy and fun, it's a piece of Brazilian traditions in North America and we are so happy for each life and customer we were able to serve. We can't wait for the coming years as we continue dreaming bigger and bigger on how we can impact more and more lives. 2020 taught to all of us to continue BELIEVE in everything that brings us joy and that happiness can be found in a such smallest of things. Just look around you.
Wishing you and your loved ones a special time of year together (even if only in spirit). Thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of your Holiday traditions with our chocolate creations! We wish everyone many moments of laughter and joy. Enjoy the little things in life and Happy 2021!

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