Chocolate and Life

… a sweet journey

Nice to #SweetYou ! My name is Mary and I am young and curious chocolate entrepreneur living in Canada.

I started my own chocolate business in Toronto the past year and while I have many passions in life, if I needed to pick up just one, chocolate definitely takes the care. I discovered an incredible passion for the #FoodOftheGods, especially if they come in different forms, textures, flavours...Chocolate can be one the most sensory food in the world. Trust me! 

I don’t remember when I completely fell in love for chocolate, but I grown up watching my mom produce incredible artisanal chocolate and different kind of brazilian pastries with so much passion and always with the best, fresh and seasonal ingredients, so all birthdays she was the person who prepared “HAPPINESS” in chocolate form #SweetMemories All my first knowledge It was from her… Now I am here, following her steps and passion for good chocolate. 

Making chocolate is one of my favourite things to do, whether creating Brigadeiros (the most indulge and famous brazilian dessert), tempering chocolate, baking or just eating them while I watch The Big Bang Theory (my favourite program) – However it comes, I love chocolate for all the possibilities that we can do and connections with them. 

Hope you enjoy my chocolate journey and my small craft chocolate business.



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