Share Extra Love for Valentine's Day

How many times have we wanted to say a word of love or support, but we didn't? 

This Valentine's season I was thinking about what we could do differently and inspire others, so I encourage you to share the love not just to your beloved ones beside you, but with those far away that you truly admire in life or have something to say. 

It can be your friend that you haven't talked with in a while, but you never forgot the amazing moments you spent together, it can be your favourite local business that's fighting hard to stay afloat during this hard time with the pandemic we are living and it will be so nice for them to hear a word of support and encouragement from you or it can just be someone that you've been talking to for a while, but never demonstrated how proud you are of that person.

This past year was different and more than never you don't know how people are behind all the businesses, all the walls,  inside of their homes with the possible mental health problems people are facing now. Have you ever thought about the difference you can make with just a small action of sharing a word of love, hope, encouragement for that special one? A small gentle action can change everything!

We will be distributing small cards with all of our products in case you would like to write something special.

Let's share extra love this Valentine's season!
Stay safe!

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