This famous sweet is a type of Brazilian Chocolate Confectionery. It's a scrumptious bite-size (or two) chocolate sweet, very popular in Brazil.
It is not a bonbon, it is not a truffle, fudge, caramel, brownie, or a cupcake... it's Brigadeiro! And why is so different? The ingredients are condensed milk, butter and chocolate. You need to cook it at a specific temperature and over a correct time to become in a consistency and velvet texture (if not ...you try something really hard to eat). After cooler, we hand-rolled EACH precious chocolate ball in a finest chocolate, nuts, dry fruits sprinkles.

The Brigadeiro gets its name from the Brazilian politician and Air Force Brigadier, Eduardo Gomes, who ran for President in 1946. He didn't win the Presidency, but his famous and favourite sweet become popular.

Generally made in Brazilian homes with a family recipe, the brigadeiro can be eaten straight from the pot while one watches TV, which is why it can sometimes be called "spoon brigadeiro" (our Brigadeiro Spread). The most common form of this dessert is in small balls covered in chocolate sprinkles and in a small cupcake mold (kids call them 'mini cupcakes' ).

This dessert is normally served at kids birthday parties and is eaten after the birthday cake. The Brigadeiro can also be served in different reunions, like weeding, baby shower, especially when friends get together, because for us Brigadeiro means HAPPINESS, so when we want to share a moment of happiness, fun, joy, we always have or bring with us a box or a platter full of our exquisite handmade chocolates. The brigadeiro has a sentimental value to all Brazilians. Eating a brigadeiro is said to give people a familiar sensation because it is a way to remember happy times spent with all.

Sophistication Version

The Gourmet Brigadeiro has a touch of sophistication and pure ingredients like Belgium Chocolate with high percent of Cacau or single origin chocolates, local ingredients like Lavender Flower from Niágara on the Lake or Maple Syrup, infused with different kind of drinks and natural flavours like Hazelnuts, Pistachio, Pecan, Passion Fruit, Green Match, Yuzu and Lemon instead artificial flavours. This version is always serve fresh with an elegant presentation or in a beautiful box.

Photo credits to our friend and profissional photographer Rogerio Voltan




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  • Melissa

    I had the opportunity to try your exquisite handmade chocolates and all my family is completely in love. Thanks for sharing with us such a great details about the brigadeiros.
    You are so talented and for sure the best ever! Keep doing a incredible crafted job!

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